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Traversing facilities management, logistics, procurement, administration, contract management, Health Safety & Environment and emergency management, professionals in our Admin and Supply Chain unit are strategic in ensuring an optimized physical work environment and proper external channels management.

Can we count on you to get the job done?

Our Risk and Compliance team appreciates the wisdom in “Acting Responsibly“ the first time and every time. Our experts help protect our assets and business by ensuring we’re in compliance. You’ll protect our business by mitigating risks, detecting ethical breaches, tracking infringement, as well as appropriating risk management and control techniques. Don’t get overwhelmed! We know you’re up to the task.

For Troyka every Talent is crucial and their proper management and engagement is non-negotiable.

As a member of our Talent Management team, you’ll be at the vanguard of developing the right systems to monitor people performance; manage careers; reward rightly; ensure learning and development; while fostering our culture of enterprise and artistic excellence.

To remain a viable business, the over-arching objective of protecting the company’s bottom-line must be sustained. Our finance team is resourced with the best talent to help strategically plan, crunch the numbers, manage accounts, treasury and taxes while ensuring compliance with extant regulations and laws, among other crucial services. All done across the broad spectrum of managing the profitability of our OP-COs.

Can we count on you to get the job done?

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