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Our dedicated faculty exists to create, incubate and transmit knowledge so as to ensure that business operations continually evolve an intellectual approach toward an understanding of industry trends, best practices, driving principles and intelligence gathering.

We are looking for digital savvy academics who understand the intricacies of knowledge management and educating todays consumer.

Our production team is the power-house of compelling global standard media production. We apply an integrated mechanism of audio-visual delivery systems and explore a broad range of cutting-edge technology to convey information and make an emotional impact. Love telling stories? This could be your best opportunity.

Our keen ability to establish and maintain relationships with local and international media owners, partners and influencers; identify critical stakeholders; and create strategies that will enable our clients forge, enhance, promote and sustain positive relationships is what defines us as the go-to persons in this space.

It is probably the most exciting and dynamic moment in history to work in public relations and integrated communications. As the typical communications models evolve with the rules being rewritten in real time,
we need a dynamic team of creative, passionate, perceptive and bold individuals, to take the bull by the horn and tell the narrative as we want it. Do you have what it takes?

Safety is our watchword here. Inter alia, we develop and implement security policies and procedures necessary for protecting clients’ assets against theft and destruction. As part of our value proposition, our security operations team assesses incidents to lay down strategies that will reduce the likelihood of a future occurrence, coordinate security operations during special or high-risk events and execute surveillance and monitoring services based on defend security parameters. Can we count on you to get the job done?

Our Information Technology Team (Troyka Techies) is the confluence of technology, enterprise and innovation. Our Tech team deliver exceptional technology services and solutions that help drive competitive advantage for the Group. Your career as a Troyka Techie will enable you develop people and project management skills, cross functional multi-business experience, and deepen your core area of expertise be it Application Development, Infrastructure, or IT Security & Risk.

Our Product Development team stay ahead of the ever-changing market by integrating hindsight, insight and foresight to create and innovate. As a member of the team, you will be involved in conducting market research; designing new products; feasibility studies; technical specification development; pricing model design, and production project management.

Making the right business decisions requires strategic thinking which is supported by insight from ‘data’. Our team employs a systematic approach to sourcing, analyzing and visualizing data. We use this information to discern observable key patterns and inform innovation and design, strategic planning and insight generation.

Do you possess data mining and analytic skills, and have a flare for in-depth research using best practice methodologies?

We’d like to meet you.

We rely greatly on our Security Engineering team to design cyber security solutions and develop new security tools to help mitigate security vulnerabilities.
Our Security Specialist utilize business consulting acumen to work collaboratively with clients to diagnose, design, build and implement pragmatic security solutions. Do you see a future in security technology?

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