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Account Managers develop and use shrewd insights to create marketing strategies and deliver solutions that lead to the actualization of the client’s objectives. Part of the job requires that you: understand fundamental marketing techniques required to drive consumer action on new and existing products and services; are aware of the client’s needs in relation to the company’s value proposition; and ensure optimal deployment of resources to keep the client satisfied. You’ll oversee a portfolio of assigned accounts, develop new business and new opportunities, and manage internal and external projects here.

Our Technical Operations OOH- out-of-homes team are pivotal to the success of our business. You’ll be part of a team of designers, product developers and engineers that work towards building exceptional avenues to OOH advertising.
This could be geo-sensing boards, interactive digital boards, or boards that follow people wherever they go!

We seek team players who have technical design and engineering skills with an ability to innovate and build unusual yet compelling boards; manage successful projects; and ensure our operations run smoothly.

Supported by real-time data, our Media Planning and Buying team identifies the best mix of media to deliver powerful campaigns to the client’s target audience. The team prides itself in its unparalleled ability to develop advanced media strategies, negotiate and procure premium media slots while optimizing the clients budget.

Do you have an interest in media; working with data; excellent research skills; an eye for spotting good opportunities; confidence negotiating; and solving complex challenges ?

We’d love to meet you.

Every business venture comes with its peculiar risks—strategic risks compliance risk, financial risk and operational risks, all understandable as security risks.

In protecting thousands of people and billions in assets every day, we have developed the capability and a full-proof approach to pre-emptively assessing and evaluating security risks to facilities, devices or persons. As a Risk Consultant, you will be responsible for continually helping clients identify, assess, monitor and mitigate risks implicit in its business operations.

Future-proofing and ensuring the sustainability of a business entity is no mean feat. That’s why our master-of-all-trades Corporate Strategy and Performance Advisors effectively articulate the business’ strategic objectives to drive the business forward.

A typical day in the Corporate Strategy Office involves meetings with other members across severally differentiated business lines to discuss the current business strategy, building synergy across business units and bench-marking performance against global best practices. This is all in a bid to ensure that we are always ahead of the pack. Want to help us grow our business in a tough external environment? This just might be the fit for you.

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